Newsletter #1

At Ihwamun, we’ve just put in new wall art with a winter theme, replacing our previous painting by Korean artist Oh Yong Song.

Also, we would like to announce the new manager of Ihwamun Ice Cream, Mr. Clark Sasaki. Stop on in to say hello to him. 🙂

In addition to our classic flavors Injeolmi, Choco Pie, Yakgwa, Red Bean, Matcha, Black Sesame — our special ice cream flavor this week includes Grape Nuts… yes, Grape Nuts.


It’s a popular flavor in New England, and according to this piece from the Huffington Post,

 “…it can be insanely delicious. The concept takes a basic vanilla frozen custard and blends it with Grape-Nuts, which are the malt-flavored remnants of wheat-and-barley loaves that’ve been baked, dried and crushed. The pellets soften slightly in the custard, much akin to the way they do in a bowl of cereal milk, creating a balance of creamy, sweet, crunchy, salty and malty. Adding Grape-Nuts to ice cream is basically injecting whole grains, vitamins and fiber into one of America’s favorite junk foods, which is the perfect juxtaposition of everything we love.” —

Makes you want to try it, doesn’t it? Come to Ihwamun and try our take on this New England specialty.

ALSO THIS WEEK: APPLE PIE, MANGO. If Grape Nuts doesn’t sound like your thing, try our other special flavors of the week, including APPLE PIE and MANGO. The apple pie ice cream tastes like Apple Pie a la Mode. If you’re a fan, come by and try it. The mango ice cream was made with Peruvian kent mangoes and is sure to satisfy mango lovers.

NOW SERVING HOT TEA. At Ihwamun we recently started serving traditional Korean teas, such as Jujube, Ginger, Yam, Job’s Tears, and more. Stop by the next time you’re in the mood for tea… and ice cream. They actually go great together..

That’s all for now. I wish you a wonderful week.

-Mike Kim

Founder at IHWAMUN Ice Cream